Thursday, July 21, 2011


I love me some shoes.

When I was little, I would refuse to take my shoes off even as I slept. My mom would have to sneak in and silently take them off. Today, I can happily report that I no longer sleep with my shoes on, but I did buy a fancy bookcase to display all of my shoes in my apartment. I can't help it.

Does it come as any surprise then that when I had to create an object out of wire for a (miserable) 3D Design class that I chose a shoe?

I loved the final product of this project, despite my T.A. not being too fond of it.

Haters to the left.

Monday, July 11, 2011

To: Ariel

My friend, Ariel, graduated from school in the spring and just landed a job at her dream company (and obsession)-- Anthropologie's bridal boutique, BHLDN. They're opening up their very first shop in Houston, so she is moving in just a couple of weeks.

It all happened very suddenly, and when Ariel called when she first came back from Houston for her interview, she was only going to be in Madison for one last night before she was going home to gather her life and ship it down to Texas.

We went to a sweet and delicious restaurant called Brasserie V (get. the. fries.) with our respective boyfriends for a goodbye-for-now dinner, and I got Ariel a little gift that I thought was just too cute, if I do say so myself. It was simple and easy to throw together at the last minute.

A cupcake from Gigi's Cupcakes inside of a "A for Ariel" mug from, where else, Anthropologie

Inside of the cute box from Anthropologie- even their tissue paper is chic

The box closure is even more chic...

All tied together with a light pink bow, of course

Good luck, Ariel!