Thursday, September 1, 2011

Apartment Decor! Part 2

Because my bedroom is literally the size of my parents' closet at home, I keep my clothes and shoes on the left side of my living room in my apartment. Seriously, it is impossible to fit anything in my bedroom besides my lofted bed, my desk, and my Spintastic (more information to come on that little beauty, dear readers), so this is completely necessary.

Here is my "closet" area:

To the left of my couch is the little blue table, as mentioned in my last post. On the wall behind it hangs a new addition of a piece of artwork that I received from Steve as a gift (but I know that it's from Ikea and was $10! Steal!). Then I have two racks where I keep my clothes. I always keep them neat and organized so they look like a fun additional accessory to the room instead of a corner to shove my clothes in. There are a few empty rungs for my roommate who had not moved in yet when I took this photo!

Beside my clothing racks is my dresser:

It's a cute pink one that I bought when I moved into my apartment last year. On top of it I keep three metal containers that I got when I first went to college from Ikea (where else?!), and on top of those a plastic giraffe thing you get at the zoo (I adore this giraffe sculpture; you cannot make me throw it away). On the left side is a cute candy dish I got at Goodwill for 50 cents; it's always stocked with tootsie rolls. On the right side is a fun pin cushion I got at Art vs. Craft in Milwaukee a few years ago. In front of everything is my ring collection that I store on a weird pair of hands my parents had in the living room as a remote control holder in the early 90s (?); I painted the base a light yellow. I hung a mirror above the dresser that my mom had in our basement and let me paint light blue.

Alright, this is my shoecase:

That's right, my shoecase. I, admittedly, have a lot of shoes, but I love and wear each and every pair. When I saw this awesome bookcase on sale at Ikea last year (I think it was $80), I had to have it; it contains cute little sketches and Shakespeare quotes that appear in doodle-form. Excuse me for displaying my shoes on these marvelous shelves.

Here's a close-up of the shoecase with one of the glass doors open:

To be continued...