Friday, June 24, 2011

I am a Chef.

This summer I have been cooking delicious meals. Tonight, I believe I have made my most impressive one yet. I can say things like this because I had no idea I had it in me to make anything but Sammy Specials (spread salsa and shredded cheese on a tortilla shell- put in microwave for twenty seconds- fold up and enjoy) or Lean Cuisines. I love to bake, but cooking is a whole different game.

This delicious meal contains orzo, chicken, feta cheese, cucumber, and a delicious lemon juice and olive oil mixture/dressing thing. The lemon balancing on top of everything is just there to prove how fancy I am.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice

Happy Summer Solstice!

Did you watch Gold Diggers today?!


I DIDN'T!!!!!!!

Gold Diggers is seriously one of the best movies ever, and it all revolves around the summer solstice. Every year ever since I was five, I watched Gold Diggers with my mom on June 21st. Every year that is up until last.

We only owned a copy of this cinematic genius of a movie on VHS*, and when we stuck it in our VCR (yes, we still own one, but if it helps, it's a VCR/DVD combo) last year on this date, everything went horribly. The devil VCR ate my precious Gold Diggers and destroyed it. Now I can't watch my movie anymore. And I'm pretty convinced it just wouldn't be the same on DVD. There's just something magical about a good tape.

Happy Summer Solstice? I THINK NOT.

*Side story: Last Thursday, my boyfriend, Wolfman Steve, and I went to see Midnight in Paris at the Sundance theater (it was weird and wonderful- and then there's always that moment when you're thinking about how much of a genius Woody Allen is, but then you remember that he ended up marrying his daughter). They had a poster hanging up in the theater for Bill Cunningham New York, probably one of the greatest movies ever made. When I saw it, I pointed and exclaimed, "When do you think that's coming out on tape?!"Steve pretended to not know me, and when I told my mom this story, she told me I was old. I can't help it if I love me some VHS.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mary-Kate and Ashley

Yesterday, June 13th, was Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's birthday. I made a cake to celebrate.

It was a white cake with homemade chocolate frosting and fun little candies for decoration!

MK and A were my OBSESSION when I was young. Not much has changed, hence the cake.

I always had an interest in fashion, but they really inspired me and propelled my intense love for the sartorial world. Passport to Paris and Billboard Dad literally were life-changing.

Please tell me you remember their bra-strap dresses, fun barrettes, and beaded necklaces that spelled out their names.

Don't even get me started on their crossbody backpacks with sunglass holders on the front strap. I had an identical silver one from Gap. It was the greatest fashion find of my life.

Their layering techniques in this movie are still genius. And this was the start of their elaborate updos that were piecey, full of barrettes, and impossible to re-create. These updos were perfected in their cancelled-way-too-early show Two of a Kind.

Mary-Kate and Ashley are still my fashion icons, and my slight obsession hasn't quite faded yet. I think I would still be willing to sit on the floor of the Mall of America for eight hours waiting for them, only to burst into tears the moment they took the stage for an appearance.

Yes, this happened. It was the greatest day of my life.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Style Guru?

Whenever I need to take a new Style Guru Bio picture for College Fashionista, it is usually a disaster. It always involves something like a lack of interesting backgrounds at home, my mom's technology shortcomings, or my frustration with Steve's inability to be a professional photographer and turn me into a model. I'm not really an in-front-of-the-camera gal.

Even though the photo shoot for this summer's bio produced some faboosh pictures, I have a few things to admit:
1. It was very unplanned and unorganized.
2. It was done in 15 minutes in an open space behind my apartment building in Madison, right before Steve and I were leaving to go home for the weekend.
3. The turban was an afterthought.

Anyone can see my favorite pictures from the shoot, but only you, my blog readers, get to see these beauties:

This is what I get when I tell Steve I like candid.

This is what I look like when I'm yelling at Steve.

I have no explanation for this, but this is an explanation for my lack of friends.

Sammy Loves Coco

(FYI- If you think that the title of this post and the premiere of Ice Loves Coco this Sunday have nothing to do with one another, you are sorely mistaken.)