Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lilacs = Life

Well, now that the hell that was this past school year is over and I am done working and killing myself for mediocre grades, I can concentrate on the important things in my life like blogging and reading magazines and books until my eyeballs start to bleed.

Also on my list of important tasks to do in the beginning of this summer break? Lilac hunting. Lilacs are very particular little beasts that bloom whenever they feel like it and only do so for a week before they decide to die. I don't really mind how finicky and impossible they are though, because that one week they are alive is the greatest week of my whole year. At home, I'm surrounded by three lilac trees that make my life heaven, but since I have a job and internship in Madison now and cannot be home during the weeks, I'm surrounded by dumpsters and parking ramps. And the Red Shed.

Every once in a while I'll come across a flowering tree in Madison (in fact, to my surprise, I discovered there is one right outside of my bedroom window in my apartment! It was starting to bloom and be fabulous during exams, but then it poured rain for two days straight and the sweet little blossoms just gave up on life), but most of them contain berries that when squished, smell exactly like vomit.

When I left home yesterday to come back to Madison, the lilacs hadn't bloomed yet, but those little buggers are close. I hope to find at least one little lilac tree or bush very soon, or I will cry all year until the lilacs bloom again.

How's that for uplifting?

Here is the sad, sad flowering tree outside of my window.

Happy summer!

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