Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Apartment Decor! Part 3

My kitchen and bathroom are nothing spectacular, but still look cute; it's all in the details, people.

In the kitchen, I have cute, blue cafe (how do you do an accent mark on Blogger?!) curtains against the window which perfectly frame my wonderful little frog.

He carries tootsie rolls.

Lady Gaga also resides in my kitchen. I found this awesome poster of her at Target for $5. I cut off the obnoxious bottom part that was all, "LADY GAGA: TELEPHONE" so it just looks like I have this great, professional photo of her instead of an annoying teenager poster. I hung it on my wall, and put this old gold frame around it that was in my basement at home.

In my bathroom, I have a continuation of my favorite colors- green, orange, and light blue. Everything is from Target, obvi.

Can I tell you how excited I STILL am about this towel? It pulls together all the colors of my apartment PERFECTLY. My mom found this beauty at Wal-Mart. WAL-MART!! Can you believe that one?!

I painted this stool at the end of summer. My brother gave me this stool that he made in high school when I was like, three or four. Blue leopard print freshened it right up.

Outside of my kitchen and bathroom, there are a couple of details that need to be mentioned.

These hooks are from Ikea and were $2 apiece. They are right by my door and hold keys. I think I'm the only one that likes them, and I don't care.

This air-conditioner is leftover from summer. It caused a number of problems that I absolutely don't have the energy to ever discuss again, but doesn't it look cute surrounded by leopard-print duct tape?!

To be continued...

P.S.- Let's ignore that month gap between posts. Kapeesh?

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  1. OMG the lady gaga poster is ahmaazing! Love it with the gold frame!

    Your apartment is my absolute fav!