Monday, February 13, 2012

Things I Like

This post is dedicated to my mother who checks Sammyland everyday and reminds me that it has not been updated. HERE.

Since I have changed my major, I have not been able to take any creative art classes, and school takes up so much of my time that I just don't have the spare hours to do extra craft or art projects. It's really annoying and actually really, really frustrating. The worst part is that all of this reminds me of the scary art professor I had at Mount Mary that I mentioned in a previous post. In a moment of sanity, he said something that really stuck with me: "Depression is often a lack of expression." I hate to admit it, but I think he's right. With a lack of art expression happening right now, I couldn't be happier for fashion. Fashion is always the answer, I tell ya.

Last Thursday afternoon, I was feeling pretty uninspired to do anything except lay in my bed and sleep for a couple days straight, so I thought of my devil art professor's quote and started snapping photos of things that have been inspiring me lately.

I have been wearing these bracelets almost everyday for a long time, and I am nowhere close to being sick of them! The silver one with the cupcake charm on the far left is from Juicy Couture; I got it at the CollegeFashionitsa event when I was in NYC. The jellies are my fancy Marc Jacobs sillybandz, the watch is a mood watch (!) I got for Christmas, and the one on the far right I got from a store in Madison called The Purple Goose (I bought it while I was supposed to be taking pictures for my internship at BRAVA Magazine- oopsies).

This is a crazy Betsey Johnson bag I got for Christmas. I've been using it to carry my books to class. The speech bubble says, "Hang on to my goldielocks. XOX Betsey." And see? Her hair is the handles! You just have to love her.

This is a BCBG Generation bracelet I bought on a whim. I think it's sassy.

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