Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sanity Trip

Alright, so this past school year was officially the most academically challenging year of my life. First semester, I had 16 credits and an internship; apparently I decided that wasn't enough, and second semester, I had 17 credits and two internships. Needless to say, there was barely any time for sleeping or breathing let alone personal blogging, hence my absence. Let's get back into the swing of things, shall we?

Immediately after I finished my last exam of the semester, I went to my apartment and packed, and my mom picked me up and we left right away for Bayfield. It's almost as far north as you can go in Wisconsin, and it is quite the gem. My aunt and uncle live there, so it is a little vacation we can luckily go on often. This trip was much needed to regain my sanity and composure.

When my mom and I arrived at my aunt and uncle's chic cabin hidden in the woods, it was nighttime and we were exhausted, but we were welcomed with fun drinks in fancy glasses. How cool am I with my sparkling blueberry drink in a martini glass?

 With a lime twist!

The following morning, we were awoken at 5am by an evil, cruel, and horrible woodpecker. My uncle tried to hit it with a tennis ball, but to no avail. Later that morning, my uncle, Jeff, a famed barista, made fancy coffee drinks for everyone, and my aunt, Diane, an excellent chef, made delicious egg sandwiches. My cousin, Sydney, an Australian shepherd, border collie mix (yes, she is eerily smart), showed off her modeling skills.

Later we went for a little hike on the trails surrounding their house and made our way to the beach (in their neighborhood!) on Lake Superior, or Gitche Gumee if you prefer. Although it was 90 degrees that day, the water was so cold that my feet started to cramp up if I stood at the edge of the lake for longer than ten seconds. Sydney loves the beach.

After a quick cat nap/low blood sugar coma back at the house, we all took a trip downtown. We checked out a historic house, an art gallery, a couple shops, and my absolute favorite, The Candy Shoppe. I sincerely hope heaven smells like the inside of that place. I bought some taffy for Steve, an ice cream cone (they put malted milk balls at the bottom of your waffle cone so that once you finish your ice cream, you still have a little treat at the end - GENIUS), and we bought wine bread. I am convinced eating wine bread is the purpose of my life. I don't even know how to explain it; the words don't exist. We ate ours for breakfast the following morning.

 I got chocolate chip cookie dough. Duh.


To be continued...

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