Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sanity Trip, Part 2

The following day on this sanity trip, the temperature plummeted 40 degrees and it rained non-stop. We had planned to go sailing that day, but cancelled that, and every, plan. Instead we piled on the sweatshirts, socks, and blankets and watched movies (Home for the Holidays and Justin Bieber: Never Say Never; I can say without a doubt that we are all Bieliebers) and read magazines all day. It was basically perfect. We finished the night with yet another of Jeff and Diane's delicious meals.

 Sydney didn't want to watch movies. She wanted to play.

Blurry picture of delicious caprese salad and olive oil from our dinner.

The next day, Diane left early for work, and my mom, Jeff, and I made our way down to New Richmond slowly. We had lunch in Delta at the Delta Diner, and I swear to you, I had the most delicious burger I have ever had in my life, plus fried macaroni and cheese. No pictures exist to prove it because I was too busy eating. This diner is apparently quite famous in the world of diners; they are known to have a three hour wait on average. We were lucky though and didn't go during their busy season, plus we had an in; Jeff knows the owner quite well.

Our next stop was Mulberry Street in Cable. We visited the owners who we loving refer to as "the boys." Jeff and Diane know them quite well, also. Their store is a cool mix of vintage and new things for the home. I bought a super cool glass decanter, and my mom made some fun purchases as well. "The boys" showed us this rabbit that lives in their backyard and comes whenever it is called. They named him Bud and feed him giant carrots and oatmeal. That is one smart rabbit.

Later, we made it to New Richmond where we all glommed onto our computers for the rest of the night because we had access to the internet for the first time in several days. It was madness.

The next day, my mom, Diane, and I went to the Mall of America. We saw a really cool exhibit on Princess Diana that had artifacts from her life including her wedding gown and about 25 dresses she had famously worn. The earrings that Princess Diana wore on her wedding day were gone though, because her niece was getting married the following weekend and had just sent a representative that morning to go pick them up so she could wear them. How insane is that?!

 Sydney was mad and sad that we were going to the mall without her.


 These are pictures of Lego Land at the mall for Steve. Enjoy, weirdo.

The perfect mug for Jeff that we found at the big mall. It combines his old love for coffee and his new love for the Biebs.

That night, we went out to dinner at a nice restaurant in Hudson. The following morning we left and returned back to real life. I'm still sad about it.

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