Thursday, August 11, 2011


So now that I've rambled on and on about being a loser, Sammy Second Place Luterbach, covered in red ribbons, "Third Party Effect" prom queen, etc., I've got some big news, people:


And it's a big something too!

This October, I will be jet-setting off to New York City for a weekend because I won a scholarship to Teen Vogue Fashion U. The best part? The fabulous Amy Levin, founder and creative director of CollegeFashionista, is speaking there! I don't think life could get much better than a weekend packed full of New York City, Teen Vogue, and CollegeFashionista seeing as how these are my three main obsessions in life.

To enter the scholarship competition that was offered through CollegeFashionista and Teen Vogue themselves, I had to say in 100 words or less why I am a College Fashionista, plus I had to send in a street style photograph of myself.

Here is the photograph I entered:

But I still think I should have sent in this one:

Or this one:

Are you ready for this, NYC?

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  1. OMG totes thought I had already commented on this... maybe it was on fcbk or something. You are ABSOLUTELY tooo adorable!! LOVE LOVE LOVE you miss Sammy Luterbach! I love that you look Soooo "like whatever" passive, snobby, fashionista in the pic you sent, super dorky in the second one, and absolutely hilaarious with your killer dance moves in the last one. love you.