Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bieber Fever Doesn't Discrimate

My Introduction to Television lecturer has total Justin Bieber hair. It is long with the swooshy bangs and everything. Seriously, it's Justin Bieber hair.

BUT! JUSTIN BIEBER GOT HIS HAIR CUT YESTERDAY! This was huge news on all of the celebrity gossip sites. I found out through a text message from my mom though that read, "OMG The Biebs got a haircut!" I kid you not.

So, when I went to lecture this morning, I was planning on laughing to myself about my teacher's outdated Bieber 'do, only to find that he too had gotten a haircut. AND IT IS EXACTLY LIKE JUSTIN BIEBER'S NEW HAIRCUT. Minus all this hair product happening below.


Here's my theory: When I was a little girl, I was seriously obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and whenever they got their hair cut, I would get my hair cut exactly the same way. I'm pretty sure my Introduction to Television lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is doing the same thing but with Justin Bieber. How could this not be the case? IT IS WAY TOO MUCH OF A COINCIDENCE, AND I AM ECSTATIC.

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