Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is my favorite. Any holiday that revolves around hearts, red, pink, sparkles, candy, and love is a-ok in my book. Actually it's more than that; it's more like an obsession.

Let's just say that my dishes are sparkly and heart-shaped, a giant red heart pillow resides on my bed at home, I have been carrying a red heart purse for approximately four years, and lots of my jewelry is heart shaped. Also, I gasp every time the Macy's Valentine's Day commercial comes on. I'm probably missing things too. You, my reader, are probably thinking about how terribly tacky this all sounds, but I promise you, I do my hearts, and love of hearts, with taste.

This morning I took a little time to decorate my apartment for this glorious day. It turned out so cute, and I have no plans on taking these decorations down anytime soon.

P.S.- I thought of something else I own that's heart-shaped: sunglasses! I wore them today. Once again received looks, once again don't care.

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